ReClaim your Sparkle with Hypnotherapy

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to rule your life and you’ll call it Fate.” Einstein.   Do you feel vaguely uneasy, out of sorts, restless? Do any of these emotions – guilt, fear, sadness, anger, shame surface irrationally from time to time? Do you feel blocked, stuck? Do you feel you […]

Stop Smoking

The setting:    lunch time in a cosy, local bistro with foodies. Acquaintance:  And what do you do? Me:                    I’m a hypnotherapist. Acquaintance:  But hypnosis does NOT work. I stared in disbelief at him. How could it not work when I’ve had so many successes to date. After hearing his story, I had to agree, up to a point. […]

Dare To Be Different

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety gives you the courage to be unique, to stand out – to be yourself. How is that possible? Unresolved emotions from the past, whether it is the recent or distant past still drive your behaviour; albeit, unconsciously. Like the bars of a cage, these painful emotions keep you trapped, unable […]