ReClaim your Sparkle with Hypnotherapy

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to rule your life and you’ll call it Fate.” Einstein.


Do you feel vaguely uneasy, out of sorts, restless? Do any of these emotions – guilt, fear, sadness, anger, shame surface irrationally from time to time? Do you feel blocked, stuck? Do you feel you deserve more – better health, more wealth, promotion at work, loving relationships?

Well you are not alone. These are some of the symptoms that bring clients to therapy. However, you don’t have to become a victim to those emotions. This is what Ruth said,

“I really didn’t believe having a few sessions of Adeline’s hypnotherapy/hypnoanalysis would have such a dramatic and significant effect. But it did. There was stuff in my life that happened years and years ago running my life today. Adeline’s hypnotherapy worked quickly and effectively to clear a past that had negative effects. It’s like stepping through a doorway to a new you!”


What is Emotional Detox?

It’s a mental spring clean. Spring cleaning, as the name implies is an annual routine carried out before the arrival of the new lunar year when Chinese households spend some time clearing up last year’s clutter.  Nevertheless, when we talk about emotional detox, clutter is not just the accumulation of physical stuff. It’s also about undigested emotional experiences you’ve had in the past – the toxic relationships, old, unsupportive beliefs, destructive habits and anything else that do not support your better self.

The past, with its negativity, takes over like an unwanted guest, tainting your perception, giving today’s experience, a distorted view. For some, the past lives like a tormentor inside their head, continually bringing them down, ‘punishes’ them, and drains them of energy.

An analogy: Imagine your mind as a beautiful garden that’s been neglected for some time. The garden looks forlorn and desolate as the weeds have taken over the trees, flowers and shrubs, hiding their beauty and stifling their growth.

Perhaps you’re now ready for change, ready to pull out the weeds and start planting flowers, beautiful fragrant flowers – that represent new things you want to see in your life. But do not know what to do, where to begin.

Hypnoanalysis or Hypnotherapy for emotional detox, is the ‘gardener’ that helps you clear the weeds of limiting self beliefs in whatever shape and form they may take – i.e. stress, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, unwanted habits. These symptoms are the result of emotions that are denied their rightful expression, ‘go underground’ and stay out of conscious awareness. Repressed emotions, however, do not disappear but remain to create a sense of restlessness, a nebulous feeling of ‘dis-ease’ which can easily affect the mind and body. A good ‘gardener’ clears the weeds(symptoms) by pulling out the roots, however tangled they maybe, so that the weeds don’t sprout again.

Hypnotherapy for emotional detox gives clients the positive changes they seek within a relatively short time frame. Although we delve into the past, we do not point the finger of blame at anyone, instead clients learn from those experiences that shape them and move on. This is what Jane said,

 “I’ve definitely noticed a dramatic difference since my hypnoanalysis sessions in the way I deal with stress and cope with certain situations particularly at work. I’ve noticed I’m a lot calmer and can look at problems more logically whereas previously they would make me very anxious. I honestly think I couldn’t have started or made a success of my new job if it wasn’t for hypnoanalysis.”


The Benefits

With a restored, beautiful inner garden comes a sense of inner harmony and peace which helps you to live your life in a space of love and self acceptance.

Hypnotherapy for emotional detox helps you identify issues from the past that affect you in the present, without judgement or criticism and release them thereby freeing up the blocked energy, the energy that was previously required to hold in the fear, guilt, anger, shame, sadness. That energy, now released can be used more productively.

Freed from this emotional baggage that gets heavier with the passing years, when all the encrusted ‘mud’ that has accumulated over the years has been washed and rinsed out, you connect with your true nature that has many names; your divine self, your authentic self, the Buddha within ((seen here as a figure of peace, wisdom, love and compassion.)

You build a healthy sense of self, you accept yourself with ease; aware you’re ‘work in progress’. When the inner child, the young you is healed, you connect with the happy, enthusiastic, spontaneous person inside. No longer conflicted, pulled in many directions by your emotions, your focus, clarity and concentration improves.

Working with addictive behaviours, I find most smokers are able to give up the habit effortlessly. Someone, accidentally, rang me a few days ago. He turned out to be an ex-client. He was so pleased he has not smoked since he came to see me more than 15 years ago.  Not only did he find the process of giving up easy, it felt as if he had never smoked at all. Since taking control of this lifelong habit, he added, also gave him the confidence to plan a fresh start in France.

With binge drinkers, it’s a different story altogether. Many of my clients do not want to give up drinking entirely. They just want to have more control over their alcohol intake. When they are relieved from the unconscious distress that underpins their life, they feel free to take charge of themselves and their life once again.

This is what John said,

“I had a number of setbacks which in my life over the years had built up to one big problem. This has led me to drink too much and overeat. I was in a job I loathed and I was so negative about life. Adeline gave me the confidence and encouragement to cut down on my drinking, lose weight, eat healthily, use the gym regularly and introduced me to other activities in life rather than drinking, to consider a different career direction and to get rid of negative, distracting thoughts. I was a sceptic but now I’m a believer.”

Hypnotherapy for emotional detox helps you make the unconscious (the “sad, tormented spooks that are lurking, long forgotten in the secret, childhood stairwells of your mind”) conscious, thus liberating you to evolve into the best version of yourself and reclaim your sparkle.

In a nutshell, this strand of hypnotherapy:

  • takes the sting out of your memories,
  • liberates you from the past
  • keeps you centered in the present,
  • puts you back in the driving seat of your life, in control of your habits,
  •  looks at the root cause and eliminate the symptom/s.

If you have any questions please drop me an email:

Thank you.

Adeline xx

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