When I began with Adeline I was in a very fearful period, all sorts of anxieties and insecurities but after a course of sessions I felt like something had truly lifted and, most importantly, I was able to fly again, to travel to places I would never have dreamed of and these have recently included a trip to India and a sailing trip in the Greek islands …. Thank you so much.


On 3 occasions over a period of 12 years I have had the fortune to do deep nurturing work with Adeline – hypnotherapist extraordinaire! Each time she provided the right type of receptivity and guidance for me to heal past wounds and misunderstandings. Each time I approached her for help with one thing only to find the underlying cause far more interesting. In every case I resolved the top issue and then some! Always gaining compassion, understanding, joy and confidence after a few very profound sessions.


Adeline radiates calm and equanimity. This combined with her extremely rare receptivity and insight creates a wonderfully safe space to do the deepest work. I will always be grateful for the trips to the little house on the hill where I shed so much that no longer served me. Always emerging with a post-Adeline loving-life glow!


Going through the process with Adeline helped me with my problem with drinking  particularly binge drinking.  I was using alcohol as a stress relief and escape from hurtful and painful emotions. With Adeline’s help I am discovering new, healthier ways of being myself and not relying on alcohol as my crutch.


Since attending therapy sessions with Adeline my 13 year old daughter seems to have released much of the baggage that was building up (probably due to issues surrounding my divorce from her father). Her concentration with regard to her school work has improved and she appears to be much happier within herself as well as genuinely confident, as opposed to acting confident and there are areas that we know will improve with time. We are very grateful to Adeline for her flexibility, understanding, professionalism, trust and non-judgmental approach which led to my daughter warming to her quickly and being able to open up as a result.


Please note that the names of the testimonials have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.