Types of Therapy

Adeline is a trained hypno-psychotherapist and coach. Her broad professional background allows her to adopt a holistic and client-centred therapy approach. Every individual is unique. Accordingly, Adeline uses a range of therapy types to help her clients overcome their particular problems and conditions.

Here is a list of the main therapy types that Adeline applies:


There are two strands to hypnotherapy:

Suggestion Therapy:  In a relaxed trance state, suggestions are given for change – changing habits, behavior and faulty thinking or to raise self-esteem and confidence. This is effective for calming exam nerves, stopping nail biting, stopping smoking, raising self-worth and weight management.

Hypno-Analysis: This is psychoanalysis combined with hypnosis. The focus of this therapy is on releasing blocked emotions from childhood right through to the recent past. When emotions that no longer serve the individual are resolved, the symptom disappears. This therapy works well for anxiety and panic attacks, emotional eating, alcohol abuse, phobias and smoking.


This type of therapy is also known as ‘talking therapy’. In a safe and caring environment, individuals explore beliefs, habits and/or behavior that no longer serves them. Depending on the needs of the client, psychotherapy can take place outside of hypnosis or in hypnosis.

.Inner Child Therapy

This form of therapy heals the ‘wounded’ inner child, who had no resources to deal with emotional and physical pain inflicted by significant adults and circumstances during the developing years. Healing the inner child promotes self-love and self-acceptance as well as raises self-worth and confidence. To learn more about the therapy process, click here.


There is vast potential in every individual to be, do or have whatever they want. Coaching provides individuals with personal support, tools and encouragement to help them achieve a specific personal or professional goal.